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Tired tired! [Oct. 27th, 2004|06:44 pm]
!!-Subtle Image-!!
Whew, just got home from work (well, actually I got home from work about an hour ago, but same thing). I am absolutely knackered! And, to be honest, I didn't do a whole lot. When I got there, my computer (well I say my computer but I was actually on Jenna's today) wouldn't work, I couldn't get on S:/ drive and I couldn't access my emails *great start* so I rang up IT as you do, course, the IT helpdesk are about as much help as blind man reading a number plate! (Or woman, I'm not sexist!)

Soooooo, after explaining to them three times I couldn't access my email (I mean how hard is that to understand for someone who works in IT?!!?!)They FINALLY say they will send someone down to sort it *gracias!!* So along comes this guy, quite cute actually but that's not the point and he fiddles about with my computer for a while and the goes "Umm, slight problem, I've locked you out of your computer altogether now and when I try and reset your password it doesn't seem to work". Great! If he wasn't so cute I would have given him a piece of my mind! *lol* So off he goes and tells me to get back in touch at IT, so I do and eventually I talk to someone with haf a brain who sets ,e up on email and S:/ drive in a matter of minutes AND manages to sort my password out. Why couldn't someone just do that in the first place? *lol*

Anyway, going out for a meal tomorrow with John (How cute!) But, cannot think where the hell to go? It's my choice he says *most expensive place you can find Vik!* sooooooo, anyone got any ideas? Then we're going to that little night out in aid of Kerrie on Friday, because I missed her birthday whilst being on holiday and it's about time we had a night out with ALL of us, instead of just a random few. Plus, nat is back from Uni so it'll be nice to catch up and see how she's liking the Student life (lucky bitch, often wish I had gone to college/Uni now! Just so I could doss about of course like the rest of them).

And then, I have to find somplace I can get a good fancy dress costume for Jen's birthday party on Bonfire night. But, it's not a halloween party of course and most fancy dress is catered for Halloween this time of year so that may prove to be hard *hmmmm*

subtle ^-^