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Welcome welcome!! [Oct. 26th, 2004|01:26 pm]
!!-Subtle Image-!!
So here it is, at last! My first entry to my new community. Why does it always take me so long to remember how to post on these things, I really should come around more often. I mean hell, it's hardly rocket science -g-

Anyway, if you've landed on this page, it is most likely to be an accident because it is new and nobody knows about it. Or, I could have referred you here myself, and if that's the case, aren't you a lucky bugger? Well, perhaps not, because I can asure you, this journal will contain rants and raves more than anything and silly little things that I think and do. Amongst all those "sicked and twisted" thoughts -mwuhahha-. Yes, I am a freak, and mighty proud of it! -g- There's not many goth masochists I know who AREN'T freaks! -L- And just to clarify, I fall perfectly into the goth masochist category, though I really do not categorize myself often, I have to there.

So, if you have landed here by mistake, then take a look around (yes yes, I know there's not much yet! Be patient!) But I am hoping to make this into a lil place for me to post my pictures and various other things. So, become a member and give me feedback on what you'd like to see. ever go to a site and think "well I wish they had this there, or that's cool but I wish they had more of it". Well if so, tell me. I'll try and make it possible. Above all, enjoy and come back often. I will try to keep updates speedy.

subtle ^-^